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Paper Source Converting was founded in 1996 in Los Angeles, CA. Since its start, the company has rapidly become one of the largest privately owned tissue converters in the Southwestern United States.
Paper Source Converting’s manufacturing plant operates 24 hours a day. Using the latest state of the art machinery, we are able to produce an exceptional volume of finished product in a minimal amount of time. Most importantly, you can depend on us to supply you with the products you need, when you need them.
With a combined experience in manufacturing, distribution, and management of over 40 years, Paper Source Converting is focused on exceptional customer service and the competitive pricing that our clients deserve.

We at Paper Source Converting specialize in manufacturing a full line of napkin, towel and tissue products. These items include: Bathroom Tissues, Kitchen Towels, Facial Tissues, Dinner Napkins, Dispenser Napkins, Folded Towels, and Roll Towels. 
We provide a full range of paper products, catering to supermarkets, club stores, food service institutions, healthcare centers, hotels, and public facilities. Our company is capable of making all products needed to serve our retail, foodservice and janitorial accounts. These items can be provided as private label product lines as well.
Our state of the art machinery allows us to maximize production while keeping our prices competitive and keeping our quality exceptional. Paper Source is one of the fastest growing tissue converting companies in the United States. Our dedicated commitment to product and service excellence has helped us reach this continual and healthy growth

Product Listing

Paper Source Converting, located in Southern California, offers three lines of paper products; Away From Home, Consumer and Soft Nature Products.
Away From Home paper products are utilized in foodservice institutions, health care facilities, hotels, schools, public facilities and more. These products can be made in either 100% virgin or recycled paper. We manufacture items such as Dinner Napkins, Cocktail Napkins, Dispenser Napkins, Lunch Napkins, Bathroom Tissue, Jumbo Bathroom Tissue, Folded Towels, Roll Towels, Center Pull Towels, Kitchen Towels and Facial Tissue.
Our Consumer paper products are made with the most premium tissue to offer comfort and durability needs in an at-home environment. These products can be made in either 100% virgin or recycled paper as well. The Consumer products manufactured by Paper Source Converting include Kitchen Towels, Bathroom Tissue, Lunch Napkins and Facial Tissue.
Paper Source Converting's Soft Nature paper products were developed to meet and exceed the concerns of our consumers who value the importance of protecting and preserving our environment. These natural tissue and towel products are made from 100% recycled paper. Soft Nature products include Dinner Napkins, Cocktail Napkins, Dispenser Napkins, Multifold Towels, Singlefold Towels, and Hardwound Roll Towels.

All of the above mentioned products are available in a private label to meet your packaging needs.